Pooper Scooper Services

"I love scooping my dog's poop!" said no dog owner ever.  Let's face it, we love our canine companions but the stinky presents that they leave behind?  Not so much.

At Theuerkauf's Tails Pet Services, we know that it can become challenging to maintain a clean yard with the ever growing demands that we face on a daily basis.  Especially if you have multiple dogs.  

Allow us to do the dirty work (literally!).  With our pooper scooper services, we guarantee that your yard will officially be declared a poop free zone. *

*Pricing is based on the frequency of service per week, the number of dogs that you have, and the size of your yard.

**New Customers please note: Where we encounter a lawn that has not been attended to for a while, an initial cleaning charge may be required before your regular weekly maintenancerate is applied.

Number of Dogs                               1x Per Week                               2x Per Week                               3x Per Week              

     1 Dog                                               $25.00                                          $45.00                                         $65.00


    2 Dogs                                             $30.00                                           $50.00                                        $70.00

    3 Dogs                                             $38.00                                           $55.00                                        $75.00

    4 Dogs                                            $46.00                                           $62.00                                          $80.00